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Zhejiang qunxi Door Co., Ltd
Address: Building 2, west side, No.19, Changsheng East Road, Xiangzhu third village, Xiangzhu Town, Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province (indoor Gate plant area)
Address: No.4 Nanyuan Road, Fenghuangshan Industrial Zone, Wuyi, Zhejiang Province (villa gate factory area)
Ministry of internal trade: 0579-87136638 87136639
International Trade Department: 13735709500 Wu pengqin
Service QQ: 845294671
Email: qx@qunxidors.com Tel: 0579-87568389

Contact information of managers of each business unit

Wooden door business department
Investment manager: 15257981807 (Zhao)
13738967112 (Yang)
18869929665 (Soviet Union)
Business Manager: 13626793183 (Zhao)
15888915228 (Zhao)
18967907353 (should)
15257981782 (construction)

Villa door business department
Manager Zhang Zhejiang 18906791130
Manager Li Jiangxi 18906791126
Manager Li national 13819902810

Yingmei medical door engineering project department
Manager Shu marketing director 18969382999
Branch Manager Project Manager 13566916891
Manager Yu Project Manager 13486928418

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